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Systems Coaching of Teams and Groups

I offer system coaching for teams and groups operating within different organizations. If individual employees need support in their current role or to move forward, Synchronic Management also offers individual coaching of employees.

Systems Coaching of Teams and Groups
What is Systems Coaching and How is it Different from Team Coaching?

Systems coaching is based on the belief that all systems are naturally intelligent. The system consists of the organization, which can be defined as a group within the organization or at least two employees. The fact that the system is intelligent means that the sum of the thoughts of the individual persons is greater than if their thoughts were summed up individually. There is a collective thinking in the system which is made up of the thoughts of the individual employees. This thinking wants something and is based on a history but also a future. In order for the future to be as favorable for the organization as possible, there are many exciting tools within system coaching that we can work with. The aim is to achieve fruitful collaboration between employees and groups so that the collective intelligence can blossom to its full potential.

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“Relationship Systems Coaching is based on following the natural process, or flow of signals, of an individual or relationship, in contrast to a predetermined program. It focuses upon the intended and unintended processes, upon what is happening and trying to happen, not upon who should be present, what should be happening, or what roles should be filled. It is the awareness of the moving ground, of the flow of events around and within us. Coaching with clear and sharp focus on the system and softer focus on the individuals that the system is made up of.”

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