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Rebecka Sandelin Coaching


“In the conversations with Rebecka, I feel really understood, an enormous trust and gratitude for the guidance to the life I want to live and who I want to be”

I offer coaching for individuals and relations as well as system coaching for organizations in Stockholm and online.

Are you longing for change but don’t know how to move forward in life? What if you dared to take that step that deep down you have dreamed of for many years but which today feels unrealistic? What would your life look like then?

We work together and you get support and guidance to come to clarity, gain deeper insights into what you want and to take the step in the direction of your dream.

The coaching is based on a holistic view of you as an individual where we deep dive into all aspects and needs that you wish to express. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which goal to start with since we all have many different needs that are connected and influence each other. It does not matter! We will be zooming out from your current situation and work together with one goal at a time.



Would you and your employees like to progress in the creation of your vision and defining the path of getting there? Or do you need support in how to optimize your collaboration towards reaching the common goals? Synchronic Management offers both development of organizations through systems coaching and individual coaching of employees.


Feel free to contact me for a proposal