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Coaching of Individuals och Relationship Coaching

Are you curious about reaching your ultimate potential? Are you stuck in life? Or maybe you are facing a crucial decision? Whatever goal you want to work on, you will receive my support to find your own inner strength and to reach the goals of your dreams. This is an exciting journey of change that will move you towards a new reality. While travelling, be assured you will be coached and held in a safe, careful and exploratory way.

How does it work?

I offer coaching for people who desire to develop the courage daring to live according to their inner will, as well as for those who are ready to create new paths moving forward in life – both in their career and in their private lives. Psychosynthesis is the basis of my coaching and we work together with proven methods to reach your goals. It is important to me that you are feeling safe throughout the process and that our relationship is based on trust.

The first time we spend most of the time getting to know each other. You get to share your life situation and we explore where you are today. We will map areas in your life that need to be the focus of the coaching and discuss the format of our collaboration. It is important that you leave the session with a clear sense of expectation of what future sessions will lead to.

Coaching of Individuals och Relationship Coaching
Coaching Approach?

As a Professional Coach, I use the holistic and solution-focused approach of psychosynthesis to help people strengthen their inner beliefs, realize their potential and reach their visions. In relationship coaching, we work with the relationship as a starting point. We zoom out and look at it from different angles on neutral ground. The focus is on the potential of the relationship rather than the problems.

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a psychology of self-realization. It is also a teaching about a form of love that is accepting all of us as we are and calls forth what we can become, our potential. Every human being is a whole entity, consisting of body, soul, emotions and intellect. The different parts are in intimate interaction with each other. How that interaction works is decisive for how we feel, both psychologically and physically. Psychosynthesis is based on a belief that every person is unique and has a true potential for development. When we take responsibility for our life, we have also found our inner will. This is the basis of Psychosynthesis developed by Roberto Assagioli. (Source: Psychosynthesis Association)