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“Rebecka is a listening and empathetic person. By guiding and coaching so that I myself possess the answers. She untangled many knots and gave me the building blocks I need to move forward. The conversation gave me an incredible amount and I highly recommend her.”


”In the meetings with Rebecka, a strong feeling of security and a fantastic calm arises inside of me.

After our sessions, I felt like I found myself. “

Peter, Konsult

”Our meeting allowed me to see the big picture and a good solution. THANK YOU Rebecka,  I warmly recommends you to anyone who wants to take certain things in life a step further.”

Maria, Egenföretagare

“Thank you for a very fruitful conversation! I was blown away by how apt it was. I also felt energized afterwards!”


“The hour we had gave me so much and really made me land and be confirmed! I will go back to the conversation many times and think and take in everything we came up with.”


“Thank you Rebecka for our session, it opened up completely new angles in my field which had stagnated. You guided with great calmness and security! I can really recommend Rebecka.”


“Thank you Rebecka for a magical session. What appeared gave me clarity in how to think and take my problem situation further. Absolutely fantastic coaching and such wonderful energy and understanding from you.”


“Rebecka possesses a remarkable warmth and inviting energy that immediately put me at ease. During our 1:2:1 session, we delved into a topic that had burdened me for over three decades, manifesting as a recurring lack of trust in my professional and personal relationships. In a surprisingly short amount of time, we embarked on a profound journey through various creative processes, that I found immensely enjoyable, allowing me to engage not only my thoughts but also my emotions. The results were truly transformative. Following our session, I experienced an immediate shift in my perspective on these matters, and I walked away feeling a profound sense of relaxation and renewed hope. 

I confidently and wholeheartedly recommend Rebecka! Having personally experienced her remarkable abilities, I can attest that she is truly exceptional.

Linda, London, United Kingdom

“Within a few weeks, I had the pleasure of having two sessions with Rebecka focused on relationships. To my surprise, within just 10 days, my life began to transform in remarkable ways. Opportunities to meet new people effortlessly presented themselves, and I found myself immersed in unfamiliar situations that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.

Rebecka’s seamless integration of coaching and welcoming spiritual elements in the visualization process empowered me to further face my fears and embrace new experiences, resonating deeply with my values as someone with a scientific background yet spiritually very open. Her unique approach instilled within me the courage to explore uncharted territories and allow more light into my life.

I must admit, I wasn’t certain about what the future held, but the tangible results I witnessed within just two weeks surpassed my expectations. It was a delightful surprise that left me feeling grateful. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecka to anyone seeking transformative growth and positive change. I cannot wait to see where this road will lead me.”

L. H, United Kingdom London

”Rebecka gave me an inspiring and developing first coaching conversation. She made me visualize the near future through her knowledgeable and motivating guidance and confidence in my own abilities. Furthermore, she made me set interim goals that can lead to the desired end result. Rebecka is attentive and understanding, which made me relaxed in the communication. What I had been thinking about for a long time, I was able to lift, thanks to her warm and trusting personality.”