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About me

Rebecka Sandelin, MBA from the School of Economics and founder of Synchronic Management AB, Certified Professional coach Humanova, Systems and Relationship Coach trained by the international organization ORSC.

About me

Who am I?

After 13 years of working in various managerial and specialist roles within Life Science, I took the step to start my own company and became a Professional Coach. Coaching developed into a powerful tool for me personally and contributed to my own journey of change. Since 2019, I run my own business, Synchronic Management AB, and work to support individuals, companies and groups in change. I am passionate about seeing both people and organizations develop and reach their fullest potential!

In addition to the role as a Professional Coach, I work with the recruitment of specialists and managers in the Nordics. It is an area that has beautiful synergies with coaching since optimal matches between individuals and organizations can really lead to success in a sustainable way for individuals and society as a whole.

Leadership in change, vision work and helping people find the path that leads to the deepest purpose in life is close to my heart. My goal is to inspire change and courageous decisions that are about finding and following the inner will. I am convinced that when more people start listening inward to pursue their dreams, it will contribute to a more intelligent, loving and meaningful society for us all to live in.